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I’m Ember.

I have poured my heart and soul into my craft and have been running this small business since 2013. I started out small, making simple things as gifts for friends, untill finally moving up to selling my handmade wares. The business took off and I soon had enough orders to call it a part time job! As the years passed and I graduated from college I decided to make plushwork and my Etsy store my main focus. I married my husband in 2018 and we have both been working full time on this business together! He does all the embroidery and I sew and make art. I appreciate each and every sale and my love is woven in to each item I make. 🙂

Artists of the Team

Though I am the sole plush artist and main contributor to my business, I employ a few friends to make designs from time to time. These artists are: Aki Neko’s Art, FurioustheOwlBoy, Wintaura’s Art, Kawaii Creatives, and Scribble Sonnet. Information about each of these lovely artists can be found on their own pages, linked below.

Aki Neko’s Art

Furious the OwlBoy

Wintaura’s Art

Kawaii Creatives

Scribble Sonnet

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